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Feng Shui, one of the three kinds of luck

According to the ancient Chinese wisdom, our life is subject to three kinds of influences, each of which counting for one third in the development of our destiny:

- Heaven Luck, which corresponds to what we have when we come to this world. We can consider this as the karma inherited from previous lives, and also, for those who believe it, what is revealed by the astrological theme of birth, or even the genetic inheritance, the family inheritance, our inheritance in general. In fact, it's all this.

- Man Luck, which corresponds to our attitude et our behavior, our actions. We have indeed a certain free will and we make choices which have positive or non positive consequences. Just as well, there are more chances that we have a better life if, for example, we are honest. Indeed yes. We just have to be patient, and we always end up reaping what we have sown.

- Earth Luck, which corresponds to Feng Shui. By harmonizing our energy with the energy of the earth and of the universe, we act positively on our life, through Feng Shui. The Feng Shui practitioner (trained by a reliable source) adapts the living and working places to the environment, according to the specific energies of the people who live or work there.

Conclusion : Man Luck and Earth Luck allow us to master our life for two thirds. Aren't we lucky ?

Fengshui: Les trois chances fengshui-serenite
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